Glass Coating

Feel The Difference!

Glass Self-Cleaning Coating’s Clarity Feature

Glass Coating

Ecoat Self Cleaning maintains the coated surface from stain and increases the lifespan without altering the flexibility,
appearance or odour of the coated products.

How It Works

The hydrophillic nature of the coating causes water that comes into contact to form bigger rain droplets that flow away quickly.

An even coating that allows rain water to easily wash away accumulated dust & dirt on the glass. This is the “self-cleaning” effect that provides excellent antistreaking properties your glass.


1. Dust & dirt Repellent Layer Provides Clear Visibility
Glass surface coated with even protective layer that shields against dust & stains.


2. Rain Washes Dirt Away
Water droplet spreads out to form a ‘sheet’. Dirt particles on the surface are picked up by water and washed off the glass. Let nature do the work for you!

Lower down your building’s temperature & stay cool under hot sun


Water based fluid-applied ceramic insulation coating formulated for
the tropical climate.

Elastic and incorporating with insulating ceramic beads to reflect heat rays and
dissipate heat to the atmosphere almost instantaneously.

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