Ecoat Francising Benefit

Premium Quality Branding

We’ve done the research to discover the optimum design and layout of our outlets to ensure a stimulating and conducive environment, which has been shown to maximise your earning capabilities. We give you the full benefit of this research and design work, which not only saves you a bundle in start-up costs, but also identifies you as a member of a internationally successful business franchise.


Innovative Technology

  • Our Ecoat technology comes from many years of scientific research using world class German technology. It works at the molecular level, creating the strongest and most adherent coating formula known
  • Our manufacturer specialises in the development and manufacture of vehicle and building coatings, and is a world leader in the field
  • ecoat technology is widely used in Asian countries and Europe, places well known for their discriminating tastes and love of quality

Complete manual of operations

We provide every business owner with an Operation Manual. This document provides detailed operational procedures in the day to day dealings of a car coating centre. This is invaluable information for new owners to have to enable them to effectively run their new business to its maximum capabilities.

Sales Training & Marketing Strategy

  • We help each Franchisee develop marketing strategies tailored to their individual situation, and provide all the support they need to assist them in implementing these strategies.
  • Client contact information and promotions are shared between every single business. This maximises business and referrals for every outlet.
  • Business group from New Car dealer Showroom and used cars.
  • We connect every franchisee to one or more car dealerships in their area. This also ensures multiple referrals, and usually results in many “word of mouth” referrals as well.

Franchisee Orientation

This is where you begin as a new franchise owner. We teach you all about policy and procedures, and how to teach your staff effectively. We show you how to access the business wide client database. We give you all the training you need to deal with staff training, product inventory and control, and analyses of your sales reports. We give you information about our member loyalty program, and details of our group marketing strategy designed to generate sales. We show you how to maximise profits by sharing business opportunities with other groups. You will become intimately familiar with all aspects of your new business, from correct operation of your outlet to our quality standards. You will leave knowing everything you need to for a fantastic start to your venture.


On-going technical support & workshop

Our technical team visit every outlet every month, to ensure quality compliance, and to deliver team support and training. They will also provide updates to methodology if necessary to reflect changes in procedure and available technology.
We want to remain at the forefront of this business sector, and to this end we closely watch advances in products and methods, and will deliver updates to all staff when required. Ongoing regular training ensures that every staff member is full aware of current corporate culture and operating procedures.
All this training is conducted in the outlet concerned, thereby maximising its relevance to the trainees, and enhancing the skills of every staff member.

User-friendly Web Base Monitoring System

Each new franchise owner will receive in-depth training on how to use ecoat’s web based accounting system in order to manage their business. This is an extremely user friendly but surprisingly powerful suite of tools that provide you with all the functionality you need. You can access live, up to the minute monitoring of most aspects of your business, including financial statements, staff records, labour costs, staff attendance, payroll details, growth analyses, budgeting, fixed and variable costs and stock ordering. This in itself is an amazing offering, again saving you a fortune in start-up software costs, which can run into the thousands of dollars.

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