paint coating

Paint Coating

Gives your car’s paint surface an outstanding gloss with real long-lasting durability.

glass coating

Glass Coating

Fills up tiny pores in windscreen and window glass acting as a non-stick barrier for raindrops to easily fall away.

rim coating

Rim Care

A protective layer of 9H hardness to add clarity, sparkle and shine to your car’s rims.



We specialise in plastic/ leather coating, fabric protection, headlight care, trim coating and nano titanium interior surface coating.



ecoat is the greener Car Spa Company, who specializes in paint coating & car protection solutions. A new life style for modern car owners concerned about their car’s appearance. We hope you realise the importance of a cleaner & healthier environment. Our products are sure to meet your needs. ecoat’s products are formulated with German technology, experience the immediate effects of colour restoration with our advanced technology. And rest assured that our certified greener products are more environmentally friendly and safe for your use.

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